Bears of Eastwood

by Sharron Roe


If you would like to know how and why, I became an Artist, then please read on!

My first Bear was given to me by my late,  great aunt Winnie, when I went to stay with her for a short time in the summer holidays. I was about 5 years old, and the youngest, and only female amongst my parents (Peter and Sheila) 7 children. I was quite homesick when I arrived, so my aunt Winnie said she had someone I could play with upstairs!!

She gave me the most beautiful bear, which was old and already much loved (he had belonged to her son, when he was a little boy). It was love at first sight, and I took him everywhere I went. When it was time to go back home I couldn’t bear to be parted from him (pardon the pun), so I got to take him home!

As I mentioned before I have 6 big brothers, and one of their favorite pass-times, was to torment me!

One day we were out playing, and one of my brothers stole my teddy and threw him onto a roof, he never came back! (the bear, not the brother). I missed him so much!

I have been collecting bears ever since, and over the years I have been given many bears, and bear related gifts as presents.

In January 2004, I was given a book on making bears for my Birthday, from my stepson Peter, and his partner Jenny. I had never thought of making bears for my collection, but had made toys for my two children Donna and Carl, when they were little. I had also been a keen sewer, when I was younger, and used to design and make my own clothes. I made my sister-in-laws wedding dress, and our bridesmaids dresses too.

In February 2004, My husband Phil took me to our local bear shop to choose a bear for Valentine’s, but I noticed that they also sold bear making supplies, so I bought some mohair and made my very own bear. I was hooked, and bought more supplies, and in a few weeks I had made three bears. I took them into the shop where I’d bought the materials, and the shop owner asked if I would like to put them in her shop for sale. By march, I had sold several bears in the shop, so I went along to a fair, to talk to some other shop owners - in April I was supplying 4 shops, and just couldn’t make them quick enough.

In May 2004, I saw a competition to design a bear for Compton and Woodhouse, in the Teddy Bear Times magazine, and although I had only been making bears for 3 months, I decided to have a go (not like me at all - I’m not the competitive type) so I sent in my little bear Kip, and I’m proud to say, he won!

Kip was produced by Deans bears, and proved very popular, so I designed his brother Scamp, which was also made by Deans, and his sister Shy.

In September 2004, I gave up my job as a dispenser, and devoted my time to making bears.

Where does the name come from?

Well, I spent all my childhood living in an area named Eastwood, then When I started making bears I lived on Eastwood mount in Clifton!

So there you go, we thought Bears of Eastwood would be perfect!

I’m also a BIG fan of Clint Eastwood, and when I was fortunate enough to be a featured Artist in the Teddy Bear Times, the editor chose the heading “Make my day” with a Bears of Eastwood Bear.

“Make my day - give me a Hug”

then become my Moto!!



“Hello, and welcome to the Bears of Eastwood website. I know you’re here to look at the bears, so just click on the tabs at the top of the page and enjoy!”

“Make my day - give me a Hug”